A day in my life.

A day in my life

How does a day in my life look like? How do I start my day, what are my routines and how do I end it properly? In this blog I will tell you all about it…

Every morning at 7AM my alarm rings. I try to get up immediately but there are days when I snooze once for 10 minutes. But after that I do leave my bed. The next thing in my morning routine is taking a shower so I can really wake up and feel fresh. When I am done I dry / clean the bathroom (yes, everyday) and I put on my clothes. If I am working from home (what is the case now) I don’t wear a lot of make-up. Just a moisturizer and a bit of mascara. And when I am done with everything it is around 7.45 and time for coffee!

If there is one thing I never ever skip in the morning it is coffee. Whilst my boyfriend is already working by this time (also at home) I make coffee for us. We take a moment on the couch to start our day together. Around 8am I start up my computer and start working. I work as an Executive Assistant at a big consulting firm (one of the big four companies) and I really love my job. During the day I have a lot of calls with colleagues and I am mostly busy with managing the calendars from the partners I assist. I (re)schedule meetings, help with organizing the calendars and call clients to set up meetings. 

Around 12 o’clock I have lunch together with my boyfriend. I don’t have a standard lunch meal. It varies from salad to crackers. We try to have walk during lunch every day. Around 12.30 / 12.45 I go back to work till 5pm. During the afternoon I make myself a cup of tea or take a snack when I am hungry. Around 5pm I stop working for my employer and start working on my blog or my own business. I do this for about 30 minutes and then it is already time to cook!

Cooking is my moment of rest and to clear my head. Usually my boyfriend is still working so it’s nice and quiet in the house. I cook very varied, I do have some meals we eat more than others but overall we eat varied. I think it takes me 30 / 45 minutes to prepare dinner and we always eat together. Now it is easier since we are both working from home but I think it is very important to eat together, for me it really feels like some quality time. After dinner we clean up and we usually both do some work. For me it depends on what needs to be done. Sometimes I make content, I write a blog or I am designing new products. Just whatever needs to be done or what I am in the mood for. Around 8pm we stop working and watch TV together to end our day. I try to empty the dishwasher every night when it’s finished so the kitchen is all cleaned up. (Which is an extra good feeling in the morning)

Around 10pm it is bedtime for me. I know this is quite early but I am this person who needs her sleep. I get myself ready by cleaning my face and brushing my teeth of course, very important! And cleaning up some stuff I left behind. This will take me 20 / 30 minutes so by 10:30pm I am in bed and ready to sleep. 

So this is how my day looks like from Monday to Friday, hope you enjoyed reading this!

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