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My inspiration

What inspires me to do what I do? 

I thought it would be nice to tell you more about what inspires me to do what I do. Because what is it that inspires me the very most. And why is that? Ready for the story, here it comes.

The first and most important thing that inspires me is love. Love is beautiful in every single way. When you have found love it does so many things with you. It supports, it encourages and love gives. And that is so wonderful. I have found love myself for a couple of years already and it truly is the best feeling in the world. It inspires me to do my very best in every single way. It inspires me to keep developing myself and make myself a better person. 

It inspires me to inspire others. What is a better feeling than knowing you have inspired someone to do better. It gives a proud and good feeling when you know you can help others. And inspiration can be the foundation for motivation. And sometimes you just mis the motivation and you need that last push. And I am here to give you that. Let me inspire you and hopefully that leads to your motivation to be the best version of you. 

And last but definitely not least, music. There is so much beautiful music to discover, and it truly gives you a few minutes of escaping the rest world. At least that is the feeling I get when I listen to music. I forget everything around me and I just enjoy the music and lyrics. Music is often related to memories. You hear a song and it reminds you of something. Just close your eyes and you will be led back to that specific moment. And I think that is pretty special that a song can do that. It also gets me thinking. A song is just a short story and it gets me thinking every single time and that thinking gives me new inspiration which gets to motivation and that finishes the circle of inspiration for me. 

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december 23, 2020