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Welcome back

Wow, it has been too long since I posted anything here. We can’t ignore the pandemic that has been going on and I think most people on the planet can relate when I say that it changed a lot in our lives. From working in the office 5 days in the week to full time working from home. Lockdowns, being sick, getting anxious in busy places and so on.. And yet, despite the fact that this was a terrible time it did bring me some good things too. Let’s recap my past 1.5 years.

October 2020: We managed to buy our first apartment in the centre of Amsterdam. It’s a lovely 2 bedroom apartment and we still enjoy our home every single day. It’s not easy to buy something in the Dutch market at this moment and it gets harder and harder. And yes, we got lucky but sometimes you deserve some luck in your life. At this time my boyfriend and I were still working from home 5 days in the week.

April / May 2021: For a few months already I didn’t really enjoyed my job as Executive Assistant anymore. It felt like I was stuck in the same routine every single day (I guess we all were) but I wasn’t happy anymore. I had the idea to change jobs for a while and after I successfully finished some online courses I went on a job hunt. And I did found a job I am still enjoying every single day. Now I’m working as a Jr. Media Consultant in an International media agency. Focussing on the out of home market, which means I’m working on advertising campaigns for our clients on the street, in magazines & newspapers and in cinemas. How amazing is that!

November / December 2021: The world opened up a bit during summer and although that wasn’t for very long, we were even able to travel again! In November we visited Paris and we spent our Christmas in magical London. We met up with our family that lives in the US and it was great to see them again. I didn’t blog about it because I decided to change my blog a bit, but more about that later on.

2022: The new year as brought nothing but good and magical moments so far for us and the only thing I can say about that is to keep an eye out for new blogs.

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