London, 2020

So, we went to London beginning this year and it was perfect. Despite the fact that Storm Dennis was expected to bring strong winds and heavy rain, we had such a lovely time together. And it did us so much good, so here it comes. The London story. 

We left the house Saturday Morning to Schiphol. Our flight departed at 9:30 which is a great time, because you also arrive at 9:30. We departed on time and arrived 45 minutes later at London Luton Airport. The flight was good and easy and over in just an eyeblink. I worked on my blog during the flight. We had our passport check and luckily we were allowed to enter the United Kingdom. We had to take a bus to the train station which took us 10 minutes. And then we took the train to London St. Pancras station. 40 minutes and we were in the centre of London. We had our luggage with us because we couldn’t check in yet. We had a quick walk through Hyde park and ended up in Harrods. We walked through the store and ended up in the Mezzah Lounge in Harrods. I had a lovely non alcoholic cocktail. It was around lunch time when we walked out of Harrods and had a look where to stop for lunch. And just across the street we saw this very nice restaurant with the wall covered in roses: Café Concerto. We had a table in the middle and ordered our lunch. Fried calamari and a shared plate with little bites. It was very delicious, but way too much of course. One thing that was very annoying: their service. I am not a negative person at all, but the service was definitely not good. But that couldn’t ruin our day at all. We finished our lunch and ordered an Uber to go to our hotel. We checked in our beautiful hotel, the Millennium Gloucester Hotel.  The room was very nice including a bath tub. We dropped our luggage and went to the city. 

We stopped for a wine in a very cosy Italian bar and restaurant. We both had a glass of white wine and some olives. We had some rain and we waited till the strong wind was over so we could walk safely to the subway station. Unfortunately, we choose a weekend where they worked on the tracks of almost every subway line in London. But we managed to get to Covent Garden. We walked around and had a look at the shops that are located there. Then we had our dinner at Buns & Buns which is a very lovely, small restaurant in the middle of Covent Garden. We both had some pizza which was absolutely yummy. We were done around 8 with our dinner and decided we would go back to the hotel. When we were back we took a nice and warm bath and then watched the news and fell asleep eventually. 

Sunday morning we were up early and I was very excited. Because we were going to do the absolutely best thing in the world: BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S. Yep, I know right. I felt the luckiest girl alive because we were able to book a table at their pop up store in Harrods for Sunday at 12.15. But that did mean we needed some breakfast before going there. Elliot wanted to visit Selfridges so we went there. But he forgot it only would open at 12. And so we decided to visit their brasserie on top for breakfast. It felt very luxurious and the styling was absolutely stunning. Expensive? Not at all! It was kind of over the top with a huge glitter horse on the ceiling and a lot of mirrors everywhere, but hey, who cares. Their service was the best you could ever wish for. When we finished our breakfast and I had taken my pictures, we booked another Uber to go to Harrods. 

We arrived there a bit early so we made a small round through the store and then walked downstairs to the Tiffany pop up store. We had a champagne breakfast (Actually lunch, but that doesn’t matter) so we started with a glass of champagne. Everything was blue, diamond rings on the walls and service at their best. We started with a bit of fruit and then the signature tiffany’s croissant. In the shape of a box. How cute! My filling was lemon custard and it was so delicious. But we were not ready yet. Because I also ordered a toast with mashed avocado, 2 poached eggs and pomegranate seeds. I managed to finish everything but I was so full, wow. We stayed there for a while and eventually we did have to leave. I can tell you, I did feel like Audrey and that was amazing. 

We went to to book department because I had seen a book I wanted to buy: “How to be a Hepburn in a Kardashian world”. I thought this would be such a nice book. I think I read 3 or 4 chapters now but I am not very impressed yet, maybe it will still come. Lets hope for that. 

When I had my book we decided we wanted a coffee before going back to the hotel. And we had our coffee at the Ladurée store in Harrods. Due to storm Dennis and the heavy rainfall we decided we would go early to the airport. And so we took an Uber back to the hotel to get our bags and go to the train station. When we arrived at the airport around 6 pm we bought some food and searched for a comfortable spot to seat. We saw that we would have a bit of delay but not much. 

We were scheduled for 8.30 pm but we could go to our gate at 8.30. We were through the last check but there wasn’t a plane ready for us so we had to wait there. Finally we could enter the plane but I figured already we would have a bumpy ride home. Well, not too much said. Our flight attendants were not walking around and we were not allowed to leave our seats. Due to the expected turbulence. Oh god, this was no fun. I am not scared at all to fly, but even I had sweaty hands. And I felt so sick that I had this little bag already in front of me. Luckily it was not needed, but it was close. And I was very, very relieved when we touched ground in Amsterdam. We had our train back home at midnight so I was very tired. Luckily we were perfect on time for the Ferry and so ended our little London city trip back home.

I had the best time of my life and really want to go back soon. Preferable when the weather will be better haha. Hope you enjoyed reading my blog and stay in touch for more!