Why you should add me to the Bunqr.

Welcome to my own private Bunqr page! Here I will tell you a bit more about myself and why I think the role of Influencer Marketing Specialist fits me perfectly. Ready? Let’s go!

Let me start by telling a bit more about myself. I am Nikki van Poppel, 22 years old and living in the beautiful city Amsterdam. I enjoy life to the fullest and I am always busy doing stuff that I love. For example, my own business. But that’s something for later. I am now working fulltime as an Executive Assistant at Deloitte. And although I like my job and the people I work with, this job doesn’t fit me anymore. I came to the conclusion that I want to do something else, more focused on Social Media, Communication and relationships. Because I love to connect to new people. I did a few courses to gain the basic knowledge and I hope to learn a lot more. I told you already that this digital era and influencer marketing became my new passion, but why? That all starts with Female Branded, my own company.

Female Branded
My own business is called Female Branded, and we specialize in designing and producing personalized coffee stencils. Cool, right?! It all started with an idea and enthusiastic as I am I just started. I set up an Instagram account and just started. I made some connections and soon the first orders came in. As my company and the Instagram account grew, I thought it would be time for some influencers. But not just anyone, I wanted someone who could relate to our passion for coffee and our vision. We find female empowerment very important so we targeted female influencers. I soon found the perfect influencer for our first collaboration. I very much enjoyed the process of finding the right influencer and brainstorming about the right kind of posts gave me so much energy and inspiration. I repeated this process a couple of times and over and over I realized that finding the right people and creating content is my passion. Below you can find a visualization of the process. Of course this is not as detailed as the real process.

Hopefully you feel my enthusiasm and passion after seeing this page. And even though I might not have the right credentials or perfect experience, I believe I will be valuable for Bunq, because with ambition and discipline, you can do anything.