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NYC Update #1 Spreading the word and what’s next?

Of course when we knew, we wanted to tell our family and friends the news about us moving across the Atlantic Ocean. We knew some people would like it more than others but everyone was so happy for us when we told them. Both my parents and Elliot’s parents became quiet when we told them, after giving them a minute or two to let it sink in they were happy for us, not so much for themselves. (What I definitely understand!). Both our moms would like us to stay here, however they are happy for us, but sad to see their kids moving away. And dads, well.. dads will be dads. Saying it’s a cool adventure and supporting us by telling that we should definitely take this change now that we have this opportunity. All of our friends were so happy for us, though they were surprised we are taking this step already. Most of them were not surprised by the fact we are doing this but expected it to be in a few years or so. As did we actually.

After telling our friends and family it was time for the next step, a very important one actually. Arranging a job in NYC. So I told my boss about me leaving at the end of the year and I made the first steps to getting a job in New York City. It wasn’t easy telling my manager I am leaving. I absolutely love my job and I am not done learning and having fun whilst doing this job, besides that I do have the best colleagues and manager in the world which makes it even harder. In fact, if I wouldn’t move to New York I would’ve never thought about leaving. But it’s something that had to be done. As I once read a quote: Sometimes you have to let go of something good to find something great. And that’s exactly how I feel about this.

Her reaction was great though. She said I couldn’t leave her and the company and she joked about coming along with us. It’s already a few weeks ago and she still tells me now and then that she hopes I’ll be staying after all. It kind of makes it harder to leave at the end of the year, but it does give me a good feeling as well that she wants me to stay.

And what I am going to do in New York? Well, I have thought about this a lot and for me it would be ideal to stay with the company I am with now, but just transfer to the New York office. The US market in media and advertising is so much cooler than the Dutch market and it would be an amazing opportunity for me to explore all of that. So I contacted the HR department over there and hope I can make the transfer. Although this would be my ideal plan I do have other dreams as well and being an entrepreneur and running my own company is one of them. However that is not easy to begin with or combine. So for no now I will focus 100% on a job within my current company. I am super excited for everything that’s coming and I’m sure it will work out the best way possible. In the mean time we are looking for apartments already and we are focusing on specific areas now.

Lots of things are going on and lots of research is being done. Will keep you updated about here on my website and on my Instagram page. I’ll try to update as much as possible but that’s of course dependent on the progress of our journey. Keep you posted.

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april 19, 2022