New York

Our last visit before we move

Yay, we booked our tickets to visit New York in June one more time before we are really going to move there. It will be a special holiday and not just an ordinary one. We are not only going just for fun and relaxation, but also to sort some things out. What that is? Read along.

Our trip to visit New York is scheduled in June and that will (probably) be the last time we go there before the big move. It’s an exciting thought that this might be the last time we are visiting the city as tourists and that the next time we are going we just need a one way ticket. That does make this trip a little more special than a normal vacation and not only because of the feeling we have with it. But also it won’t be all just fun and relaxation whilst having a break from work. We are planning to do some preparations for the move. (As far as you can prepare). Most important thing is to explore the neighborhoods that we want and also, not want, to live in. I’m sure we’ll be seeing the city in a whole different light now so that will be interesting!

We are also planning on scheduling some tours to see apartment buildings. We have seen so many buildings online but we want to experience these buildings in real life before we decide we want to live in it. Other than that, there is one other Dutch couple we know that lives in New York already so we are planning on having a drink with them and chat about how they experienced the move and living in the city.

Will there be any holiday feeling during our trip? Definitely. We have booked the cutest and prettiest hotel in the city and I can’t wait to share that with you whilst being there. We’re also thinking about going to the Hamptons for a day, planning a visit to Summit One Vanderbilt and of course just enjoy the city, the beautiful parks and good food & drinks. We have already explored some great rooftop bars but I’m sure there are many more we have yet to discover.

And of course I will write a blog about our trip when we’re back!

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